About our founder

Augustus' career began in Los Angeles, California, where he found a passion for Stop Motion Animation. He began creating stories and movies on a grand scale that only animation can provide. 


Augustus expanded his creative endeavors with his company, Vinton Films,  and quickly accumulated clients ranging from local businesses to production companies, including Lionsgate. 

Lionsgate presented the opportunity to work as a freelance editor, creating promotional content for titles such as 

The Hunger Games, John Wick, Wonder,  and more. 

Augustus continues to work for the studio while putting his passion for creating superior video products back into his locally sourced projects.  


His animation background eventually lead to a strong proficiency in visual effects, giving him the opportunity to generate computer-generated imagery for business advertising and feature films.

After relocating to western Pennsylvania,  Augustus tapped into his passion for live theater and memory preservation.  

He began recording and editing local stage performance, feeding the value he holds in capturing special events for families to hold onto.​

With a passion for filmmaking and storytelling, Augustus is focused on bringing his clients superior products that not only go beyond their expectations, but bring their stories to life in a way that will speak to all who watch.

Augustus Danko