Two camera video recording for your needs!

Promo Videos are the modern way to advertise your show to the world!

Video Production

Years of research and experience has gone into our product production process to ensure the presentation quality

of your DVD or Blu-ray is up to the standard of your local Hollywood studio.

Our products are offered to your cast and crew via order forms.

There is no minimum order threshold.  However, discounts to our service charge can apply if you exceed 15 orders.



Professional two-camera video production and editing for stage shows and live events.

We supply all of the video production equipment, record the show, edit the production,

burn the show onto discs, and deliver the finished product on time and hassle-free. 

Vinton Films

Contact Vinton Films to schedule the recording of your stage show or event!


We value the joy that families share when reliving memories through video.

We put great care into both our video production and physical presentation,

ensuring that your experience starts with the product itself.

We sincerely value the physical experience of video. This includes the case, graphic design, printing quality, and paper materials used in our company's products.

Years of research and experience has gone into finding the best materials to ensure the highest quality products

for the consumer's enjoyment.  This results in beautiful memories that will fit perfectly on your shelf.


Blu-ray discs were made for your modern television to display High Definition, 1080p imagery.

This quality will stand the test of time - preserving your memories for many years to come.

Non-musical shows (showcases, reviews, etc.) will include a Digital Download code for your convenience - enabling you to pick and choose what sections to download straight to your computer.

DVDs are the best Standard Definition option for the whole family, bringing the experience of a show into your home. With a standard resolution of 480p, DVDs are a good option for those who may not need the extra image size.


Showcases  are presented with Menu features, enabling you to find the number you're looking for with ease.

These menus are designed with you in mind, presenting graphics that are clear and simple to navigate.

Also included is a chapter feature that allows you to skip ahead with your remote.

Musicals or plays  are not typically delivered with menus. Instead, we install the chapter feature, which you can use with your remote.   (If desired, a full menu feature can be added for a small fee.) 

Advertise your show in creative ways! 

We can make you a quick promo to generate excitement and buzz for your upcoming production.

With a single day of video recording and a turn around time of one week,

you can quickly have a flashy promo to share on facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and everywhere else.

Pittsburgh, PA